6:30 - 9 PM, 2nd Thursday, New Horizons Training Facility

Our monthly meetings are fun and packed with interesting and useful information for YOU, the software user. Members may bring their laptop computers with wi-fi wireless networking to meetings.

  • Directions
  • Meeting Schedule
  • Door Prizes
  • Ticket Awards
  • SubGroups


We are meeting at the New Horizon's training Facility on 410. This includes all of the sub-groups as well.

2727 NW Loop 410
Suite 103
San Antonio, TX 78230

On LOOP 410, take the Vance Jackson exit.
-     If you are going east, turn left twice, once to go under 410, and then again to get on the access road going the other way.
-     If you are going west, cross over Vance Jackson and stay on the access road.

Stay in the right hand lane and look for New Horizons, just past (and next door to) Academy.
Enter the door to the left


Hope to see you there.

Meeting Schedule

The AAMUG membership has diverse interests which we attempt to accommodate with a wide range of meeting topics.
Many of our members have significant knowlege and skills and we take advantage of this talent to present interesting meeting content.
This is our 2010 meeting agenda and presenters:


   AAMUG Website and Pictures
   Glyn Barrows

   Pictures and such
   Audio Visual

Door Prizes

In many of our meetings we have Door Prizes made available by our various sponsors.
You could win some really cool stuff just by showing up.
We raffle books, software, and other items that our sponsors make available to us from time to time.
Twice a year (June and December) we raffle the super prize package from Adobe. Any product they offer valued up to $2100.00.

Your odds of winning are directly related to how many raffle tickets you've acquired during the drawing period (usually the current calendar year).
Tickets are awarded during the meeting. See "Ticket Awards"

Your chances of winning are determined directly by the number of tickets you've accumulated in the box.
Tickets are good for the calendar year in which they were awarded.
The box is emptied of all tickets at the end of every year.

NOTE: Our rules are determined by our members, and may change over time, as agreed upon during our meetings. Updates will be posted here.


  • You must be present to win
  • May only win once per meeting.
  • Prizes not awarded will be made available at subsequent meetings
  • Raffle runs on a one year cycle

Accumulating tickets

  • Attending a meeting: 1
  • Providing refreshments: 1
  • Speaking: 5 tickets
  • Securing a speaker: 5 tickets (does not includes self)
  • Web site assistance, (design and development) group determines award when complete
  • Promotional assistance, group determines award when complete
  • Perfect Attendance Bonus (Attend all meetings for the contest period): Five tickets
  • Bring a Guest: Two tickets for each first time guest.

Member options

You may award your tickets to other members when receiving them.
You may forfeit a prize...your drawn ticket goes back in the ticket container.

Sub Groups

The AAMUG provides added focus to the four areas of interest below:

  • Audio Video
  • Photograpics
  • Animation
  • Graphic Design and Print Media

We have established these sub groups, one for each area of interest, that will meet throughout the year for the purpose of getting more in depth.
The groups will initially meet on the following schedule.

  • Audio Video - 1st Tuesday of each month
  • Photographics - 3rd Tuesday of each month
  • Animation - 3rd Thursday of each month
  • Graphic Design - 4th Monday of each month

For more detailed information on the subgroups, please come and join us at our regular AAMUG meeting on the Second Thursday of each month.